California Wedding Day Publishes Vibiana Wedding, Winter 2017 Issue


Wedding Planned by Mindy Weiss   |   Bridal Gown by Andrea’s For The Bride   |   Photography by Michael Segal


INSPIRATION: Gavin and Devon’s exquisite silver and white wedding was inspired by the open space and soaring ceilings at their wedding venue, downtown Los Angeles’ historic Vibiana. The former cathedral’s main hall was the scene of the reception, hosting guests beneath elegant, curved archways and a light-projected lace pattern, mimicking the bride’s silver custom gown designed by Samantha Elizabeth, owner of Andrea’s for the Bride.

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TRADITIONAL TOUCHES: The couple’s traditional Jewish ceremony was full of heirlooms and gifts. Gavin’s family shared special items that included a bible, which Gavin’s mother carried down the aisle on her wedding day, a Kiddish cup from family friends, toasting glasses from the bride’s brother and sister-in-law, her paternal grandfather’s tall it and Devon’s cufflinks, from Gavin’s late maternal grandfather. Items from his father, his kipper from his late grandfather, a challah knife from his aunt and uncle, and his late maternal grandfather’s necklace.



BIRDS OF LIGHT: A hummingbird design was carried throughout the wedding, symbolizing the “lightness of heart and joy of life.” Featured on invitations, table and escort crds, napkins, mirrors, and dance floor, the symbol beautifully tied together the personalities and message of the newlyweds.

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WHITE NIGHTS: Gavin held a white glamelia bouquet centered around a gleaming rhinestone broach. White floral accents were highlighted in the ceremony in the chuppah design as well as in the reception tablescapes. Each of the variously shaped table featured a unique centerpiece of calla lilies and sleek metallic objects, bringing contrast to the design.

california-wedding-day-vibiana-los-angeles-0028 california-wedding-day-vibiana-los-angeles-0029 california-wedding-day-vibiana-los-angeles-0030 california-wedding-day-vibiana-los-angeles-0031

GOOD EATS: The elegant atmosphere was highlighted with a family-style main course, bakery-style dessert displays and a tiered wedding cake created entirely of silver-dipped Oreos.

california-wedding-day-vibiana-los-angeles-0032 california-wedding-day-vibiana-los-angeles-0033 california-wedding-day-vibiana-los-angeles-0034 california-wedding-day-vibiana-los-angeles-0035 california-wedding-day-vibiana-los-angeles-0036 california-wedding-day-vibiana-los-angeles-0037

PICTURE THIS: As guests arrived at the reception, their pictures were taken. At the end of the night they were given a beautifully wrapped box containing the photo in a silver frame accompanied by a handwritten letter from Gavin and Devon.


Wedding Planned by Mindy Weiss

Wedding Venue at Vibiana

Photography by Michael Segal

Bridal Gown by Andrea’s For The Bride

Groom’s Attire by Randy Reisman

Wedding Cake by Cake Divas

Catering by Chef Neal Fraser

Dinnerware and Linen by Classic Party Rentals

Floral Design by Mark’s Garden

Furnishing Rentals by Revelry Event Designers

Music by Impulse by West Coast Music

Videography by Vidicam Productions

Invitation by Bliss  & Bone