Duo Matted Album

duo_0001 duo_0002

Tamarillo Genuine Leather

duo_0003 duo_0004 duo_0005

Matted Image cut into page


Image Flushmounted on page

duo_0007 duo_0008 duo_0009 duo_0010 duo_0011 duo_0012

Iron Genuine Leather

duo_0013 duo_0014

Translucent Title Page

duo_0015 duo_0016 duo_0017 duo_0018

Book can hold 80 to 100 images

duo_0019 duo_0020 duo_0021

Twilight Silk Fabric

duo_0022 duo_0023 duo_0024 duo_0025 duo_0026

Sizes: 14×10 and 18×10

duo_0027 duo_0028

 Contemporary Genuine Leather Cover Options

duo_0029 duo_0030


Micro Leather Cover Options

duo_0032 duo_0033 duo_0034

Silk Fabric Cover Options

duo_0035 duo_0036

Buckram Cover Options