Musee Album

muse0001 muse0002 muse0003

Tooled Vegetable Tanned Leather


Custom Designed Monogram Logo embossed

muse0005 muse0006

Translucent Title Page


Matted Image cut into Page


 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper from the France Arches Mill

muse0009 muse0010 muse0011 muse0012 muse0013

Book can hold 80 to 100 images

muse0014 muse0015 muse0016 muse0017 muse0018 muse0019 muse0020

Also available in Brown

muse0021 muse0022 muse0023

Paper from Arches France Mill dating back to 1492

muse0024 muse0026 muse0027

Album comes in true air tight Archival Solander Box for protection